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MEXICO CITY, Jan. 18 (Xinhua) --? At least five people, including four teenagers and a teacher, were critically injured early Wednesday, after a student opened fire in a classroom at a private school in the northern city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon state.

"The young man takes out a gun, shoots the teacher, immediately points at another classmate, then at a third, instants later at a fourth, pauses as if he is going to reload or something like that, gives instructions to other classmates and then shoots himself," Nuevo Leon spokesman for security matters Aldo Fasci told a radio station Grupo Formula.

Most of the injured were shot in the head, including the 24-year-old teacher, a girl and two boys, and the shooter, who are all 15 years old. All were taken to area hospitals.

Local media have only identified the shooter by his first name, Fernando, and have described him as a young man suffering from mental problems.

The incident, which took place at the American School of the Northwest, has sparked discussion about the need to resume a policy of checking students' backpacks, a measure that was cancelled after parents complained.

JERUSALEMGAZA http://www.cheapmlbredsoxshop.com/Hanley-Ramirez/ , Nov. 22 (Xinhua) -- An Israeli woman was stabbed in the West Bank, while the Palestinian attacker was killed, in the third such attack on Sunday, according to Israeli authorities.

A Palestinian man stabbed a 20-year-old woman in her upper torso and was injured seriously at the Gush Etzion junction in the West Bank, south of Jerusalem http://www.cheapmlbredsoxshop.com/Xander-Bogaerts/ , police spokeswoman Luba Samri said in a statement.

Israeli soldiers at the scene responded right away and shot and killed the attacker, according to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson.

The wounded woman was evacuated to the Shaare Zedek hospital in Jerusalem.

It is the third Palestinian assailant killed by security forces amid attacks -- and attempted ones -- in the West Bank throughout the day.

On Sunday morning, a Palestinian woman, armed with a knife, tried to stab two women at a bus stop near the Jewish settlement of Itamar http://www.cheapmlbredsoxshop.com/David-Ortiz/ , southwest of Nablus in the West Bank, the Israeli military said.

A civilian driver, who is a settler serving as the head of a regional committee in the area, noticed the attacker and ran her over, before an Israeli soldier shot her and she was pronounced dead. No Israeli injuries were reported.

Not long afterwards http://www.cheapmlbredsoxshop.com/Jim-Rice/ , a Palestinian man driving a taxi allegedly tried to run over pedestrians near Kfar Adumim, a Jewish settlement in the West Bank, east of Jerusalem, according to the Israeli police.

The alleged assailant left his vehicle and attempted to stab bystanders, wounding an Israeli lightly. A citizen nearby shot and killed the assailant http://www.cheapmlbredsoxshop.com/Ted-Williams/ , police spokeswoman Samri added.

Also on Sunday, Palestinian eyewitnesses said that clashes broke out between the Palestinians and Israeli police in the old city of Jerusalem, mainly at the entrance to al-Aqsa Mosque when dozens of Israelis tried to get into the compound of the mosque.

In the West Bank, the Israeli army arrested 19 Palestinians overnight and on Sunday morning saying that they are wanted to the Israeli security forces for planning attacks against Israel.

Seventeen Israelis have died in the two-month long wave of violence between Israelis and Palestinians, in stabbing http://www.cheapmlbredsoxshop.com/ , shooting and vehicular attacks.

More than 80 Palestinians were killed during this period, some in clashes wi.
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