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Zhuzhou has the first luxury goods store to wash a female ba

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How many people use luxury goods in Zhuzhou, and how big is the market for luxury goods maintenance. Yi Zhiyu said that this is hard to say. However, during the one-month period in which his maintenance shop was open, one of the ladies sent eight Lv bags for maintenance. "Luxury care is like a woman's beauty, not just to get a face, but also a deeper SPA."

In the first half of this year, Yi Zhijun saw such a message: China has become the world's second largest luxury crystal consumer, and industry insiders expect that in 2012, China will surpass Japan to occupy the top global luxury sales. This made him a car beauty business for seven or eight years, and he created another way to start a business - to open a maintenance store for luxury goods. At present, Zhuzhou does not have such a store.

"At the time, I discussed with my friends, but there was no support." Yi Zhiyu said that because the previous work had contacted many car owners, some of them had luxury goods. He also deliberately observed in the high-end consumer places in the city, and found that there are still many people with luxury goods, even beyond his imagination. But when he told the friend about the information, the friend poured a cold water. "Do you think that you know this market? If Zhuzhou can do it, people will already do it."

Although he was "struck", the information he saw in the newspaper in July this year made him more determined. "The newspaper said that Dahan Hilton is expected to build a "luxury street", and there will be more consumers in Zhuzhou."

On October 1st, the Fake luxury handbags care center known as "Zhuzhou's first" opened. Since there were not many advertisements, no one paid attention to it at the beginning until a female customer appeared.

Soon, the lady introduced a few girlfriends and sent them to the maintenance. They all said that because Zhuzhou has no professional shops, it is sent to Changsha every time, but now it is much more convenient. There are still some people who have nowhere to deal with Zhuzhou, and they usually have very little care.

Just in an interview with Yi Zhiyu, it happened that the lady was coming again. It turned out that many Lv bags on the shop showcase came from her. She just like looking at her own cabinet, just picking a Replica luxury bag that has been maintained and went shopping.

The average price of cleaning and maintenance of women's bags is about 300 yuan each time, and the renovation is about 800 yuan each time. Yi Zhiyu said that for luxury goods, if they don't want to spend the money, they will lose their brand value when they become old, so the owner is still willing to spend the money.

As for why the price is so expensive, Yi Zhijun explained that because the luxury goods are expensive, the cleaning agents and coloring materials used in maintenance and renovation are different, and the technology must also be refined. Because there are many kinds of leather bags, it is necessary to accurately identify the leather, in order to use the quasi-drug, otherwise it may cause the leather to be deformed and destroyed. It may be compensated for a month, so there is a certain risk even if the business is obtained. of.

Currently receiving the "most extravagant" luxury goods, probably less money? Yi Zhixiao said with a smile, received a Fake Cheap Hermes Handbag, the market price is about 80,000 yuan. Although it is simply cleaned and maintained, it is still "strong" to hold this item. After all, it is very expensive, for fear of not getting it right.
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